Pot and Pregnancy

Pot and Pregnancy

Here are the facts:  They haven’t done ANY STUDIES on pregnant women and pot.  In fact, as you scour the internet, you will find one study that shows drugs/alcohol have an effect on unborn children.  This study includes marijuana, but not usage of marijuana on its’ own.  You might also find an amazing research paper on this topic from projectcbd.org, based on women who smoked pot during pregnancy and raised healthy, happy, successful children in California at a place called The Farm.

We know marijuana has shown to have health benefits like reducing inflammation, getting rid of nausea, lowering blood pressure, all which pregnant women can suffer from.  We also know that the THC found in it causes a “high”.   This “high”, for me, is no big deal.  I don’t feel to much different, possibly a little happier, but what about a developing brain?

The same qualities that attract people to marijuana can also be found in products high in CBD without the head high.  CBD has been used on children in studies and many parents have reported the benefits their children receive from this miraculous, natural cannabinoid.

Yes, I own a CBD company.  Yes, its in my best interest to find customers, but just like it’s in Elon Musk’s best interest to sell a Tesla, that doesn’t change the fact that both are life changing products that have the ability to change the world.  And that’s why I do what I do.  I want people to be happy and healthy.  To be the best version of themselves. And I also want them to get off the pharmaceuticals that are proven to addict you or cause various side effects forcing more chemicals upon you.  YUCK!

Don’t just take my word for it.  Do some research, ask your community, take charge!

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