Survey says! What Utah patients say about CBD oil.

Survey says!  What Utah patients say about CBD oil.

As reported first by The Standard,on November 15, 2017 preliminary survey results from registered card holders under Charlee’s Law (HB105) were presented to the Health and Human Services Interim Committee on Utah’s Capitol Hill.   Charlee’s Law was passed in 2014 to allow patients with epilepsy to buy CBD oil with less than 0.3 % THC.

To date, 231 annual registration cards have been issued, 134 to patients under 18 and 97 to patients 18+.   119 patients still have active cards.

The 12-question survey was created by the University of Utah’s Division of Pediatric Neurology and was sent to 139 patients who registered for cards between July 2014 and October 2016.  49 of those people responded to the survey.   41 had started taking hemp extract.

22% of the under 18 group reported that their seizures were almost completely controlled.  40% said seizure severity was also “quite a bit better.”   85% under 18 and 56% of 18+ reported some improvement in seizure frequency and severity.   27 of the respondents reported benefits such as improved sleep, improved speech, and being happier, more alert, and more social.

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