More Research Needed on CBD and Pets

More Research Needed on CBD and Pets

After seeing the positive effects of CBD on dogs for conditions such as, osteoarthritis, pain, anxiety, and inflammation, the American Veterinary Medical Association, said last summer, that it wants the DEA to declassify marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug.  More studies are needed in order to determine toxicity levels on pets, as many owners are treating them without the advise of a medical professional.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine are still waiting for federal approval to continue their research on CBD and dogs.  At Colorado State University they are currently running 2 studies, 1 on CBD and epilepsy on dogs and the other on the effects of CBD on arthritis in dogs.

This September Utah Senator Orrin Hatch (R) introduced the MEDS Act which will open the path for more clinical research to be done.  Opposed to marijuana for recreational purposes, he wants the FDA to regulate marijuana based drugs, like CBD.  To contact your Senator in Congress visit

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